Solomon's Way Alternative Dispute Resolution Services



SPECIAL OFFERING: OUR HEROS – First Responders: Military, Healthcare, Emergency Response Team & Law Enforcement Receive A Free One Hour Conflict Management Session- Thank You For Your Service And Daily Sacrifice!


Solomon's Way provides parties with an alternative to combative legal proceedings by using mediation to create agreements for reconciliation, separation, family conflicts, settlement negotiations, divorce, employment and mental health care. Solomon's Way seeks to foster relationship building, collaborative decision-making and peaceful interaction through competent and confidential mediation services.


Our primary focus is to create a safe place to resolve conflict where confidentiality and collaborative decision-making may occur. This is important in all situations involving divorce, dissolution of a business partnership, neighborhood disagreements, conflict between individuals and family disputes. Solomon's Way can assist in mending the relationships and facilitating an amicable outcome. Research demonstrates that when all stakeholders agree to create an agreement together, it has longevity and the parties are more likely to uphold the outcome they have agreed to.


Solomon's Way is adept in the areas of facilitation and conciliation as well, with over two decades of mediation experience to assist parties with obtaining resolutions that are both gratifying and attainable. Solomon's Way provides technical training and services in mediation and conflict resolution strategies, skills and techniques. We also provide workshops, trainings and educational presentations for various organizations around the country to promote awareness of the conflict resolution field through engaging, quality instruction with intense interaction and role play.







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