MEDIATION: The parties determine the outcome! It is a needs-based, confidential process where communication between the parties is the primary goal in order to facilitate an amicable resolution.


Mediation is an alternative or compliment to traditional divorce litigation. It provides an informal, collaborative process allowing a trained neutral to assist the parties in reaching a negotiated agreement. Mediation saves time and money. 


Instead of hiring multiple attorneys and working according to the courts’ schedules, mediation involves one mediator who brings all parties together at a convenient time for the parties to work towards agreement.  The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong or impose a settlement on the parties. Instead, the mediator helps the parties come to an outcome that they can live with.


FACILITATION:  Solomon's Way is able to effectively facilitate group discussions. We provide services that encourage self-empowerment by creating an informal atmosphere that allows individuals to express themselves, grow and develop through a better understanding of their situation. We work with group dynamics at work, or within the family to foster relationships and build positive interaction using effective communication skills. Our primary focus is to promote a change in the life of our clients by providing a safe and confidential environment where change may occur.


CONCILIATION:  Solomon's Way also offers Christian conciliation services. We help people manage conflict and restore relationships through Biblical processes. We teach practical skills and tools foundational to Biblical peacemaking.


TRAINING:  Conflict is a natural part of life, therefore, Solomon's Way offers a variety of services and training relative to assisting families and individuals in conflict or crisis at home, work or elsewhere. Included in those services offered, but not limited to: individualized parenting services, interactive group parenting sessions/classes, anger management classes, and facilitation of group meetings.


Consultations: Please call us at at 325-261-0515 or 301-792-3340 to schedule a convenient time to discuss the type of case and fees.


Solomon's Way is also listed on " for divorce information and mediation services:


Cost: Our alternative dispute processes are based on an hourly or flat rate which is determined during the initial consultation. The hourly rate will be decided by the complexity of the issues involved and the process the parties choose.







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